Friday, October 7, 2011

What comes after White Grunts?

The New Altum Angel! It is soooooo pretty. 
Because it's just too boring to buy and sell many tanks of White Grunts every day to generate coins. The Altum Angel is more expensive but makes about the same daily profit and matures in three days, saving a lot of work. And did I mention, it's pretty?
But who knows how much money you already have. So here are some options (under level 65):

What you can buy with 2,500,000 coins
(How long it takes and how much it sells for, sold individually and including 20% happiness bonus)
   1 Pink Skunk Clown - 5 days - 3,150,000 
 71 Altum Angels         - 3 days - 3,101,280
595 White Grunts         - 1 day - 4,198,320 (approx. 12 tanks - happy tapping!)
                                        sold in bulk: 3,568,572
   2 Narrow Lined Puffers – 3 days – 2,995,200 + 8 Altum Angels 
                                        (bought from leftover)=3,344,640! 
  1 Borbonius Anthias   - 3 days - 1,819,800 
                                                   (1,000,000 leftover. Bad example for this one, 
                                                    we're not quite rich enough to make it look as good as it is.)
  5 Royal Gramma        - 3 days - 1,872,000
                                                               * * *
This knowledge should get you to a level where coins are not really an issue anymore. So the next question is: Which fish generates the most money per day, individually?

Selling Price
Final Selling price
incl. bonus
(sold individually)
per day
Pink Skunk Clown
(Limited Time C.)
Borbonius Anthias
(Super Exotic)
Narrow Lined Puffer
(Limited Time C.)
Royal Gramma
(Limited Time C.)
Spotted Cardinalfish
& Banggai Cardinalfish
(Super Exotic)
Altum Angel
(Limited Time C.)
White Grunt
(Super Exotic)
Mummy Fish
(Limited Time C.)

I don't know if this chart is complete with the best fish (under high level) but it should give you some idea. Also, hope it's correct, haven't double-checked.

Happy tapping and please comment!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Event Breeding

In the regular lab, you can of course now breed all those event species, like seahorses, hermits and crabs, if you were able to attract the necessary breeding partners. I found it easy, without spending a single fish buck. I did the gifts but my chances were never high and it was always worked.

Some Seahorses: Rubicund, Pine, Mazarine, Ocherous, Regina, Beryl, Mulberry
The names don't reflect actual breeds. But here's a nice page about seahorses, if you want to learn more (I'm not affiliated, just did a search real quick.)

Some Hermits: Glisten, Onyx, Ruddy

New Mystery Lab Combo!

~ Update: Bandit Angel sold out! ~

Now breedable in the Mystery Lab are Jewel Lyretail Anthias & Bandit Angel.  Jewel Lyretail Anthias is a gift somebody has to give you. To get one, you can either ask a friend or give one away to a random neighbor in hope he gifts you one back. It's 15,000 coins. The Bandit Angel is new in Limited Time Collectors, 6,800 coins.

Jewel Lyretail Anthias
Max. Size 5 inches, semi-aggressive, not yet available as captive-bred. Females are mostly orange and males are mostly red. They both have purple and red lined starting around the eye area and going towards the rear of the fish ending around the gill area. Males have red/purple spots on their pectoral fins. They are hermaphroditic and will change sex if a dominant male is not present or dies. Fiji/Tonga

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cardinals in the Mystery Lab

I'm somewhat bored with Tap Fish lately. But I do like the Mystery Lab. As mentioned earlier, the only coin-bought fish you can breed in the Mystery Lab, as far as I know, are Banggai Cardinal & Spotted Cardinal (in Super Exotic; 800,000 coins each). They breed really pretty different fish, though. So far, I have bred Tri Color, Sunshine, Heart Striped, Green Striped, Yellow Striped, Silver Dollar, Fire Tail, Spotted Tail and Sea Blue Cardinal. Those each sell for 170,000 (+ 20% bonus).

Meet the parents in real life:

  Spotted Cardinalfish
 Also called "Pajama (Pyjama) Cardinalfish", it grows to a total length of about 2.5 inches (8.5 centimeters). It is considered to be of low vulnerability, and is distributed throughout much of the West Pacific, from Java to Fiji, and from the Ryukyu Islands south to the Great Barrier Reef. A hardy and peaceful fish that can live many years in a marine aquarium.  It is common to keep the social fish in groups of five or more. [From Wiki]

   Banggai Cardinalfish

A small tropical cardinalfish, popular for aquariums. It grows up to 8 centimetrers (3 intotal lengthThis species is among the relatively few marine fish to have been bred regularly in captivity, but significant numbers are still captured in the wild and it is now a threatened speciesIt is restricted to the Banggai Islands of Indonesia. [From Wiki]

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun Facts

Now, a Sparkling Starfish, Green, is available for coins. It's an Algae Eater and costs 5,000,000 coins.

If you want to make that kind of money with White Grunts, you need to sell a little over 35 tanks full of them and sell them individually (by tapping on it and selecting "sell"). If you sell by bulk, it will take 55,7 tanks. This is without buying additional tanks to the one you already have.

Here's the math, correct me if I'm wrong:

White Grunt costs 4200, sells for 5880, but with 91% happiness you get 20% more, which is 7,056. 
But you only get this selling price if you sell individually. 

One tank (50 fish) brings 7,056 x 50=352,800
Minus the initial buying price, one tank yields:  352,800 - 210,000 = 142,800
5,000,000 (cost of Starfish) divided by 142,800 = 35,01 tanks

Selling by bulk, minus 15 % commission: 5,997.6 x 50 = 299,880. Minus initial price, is 89,880. 55,63 tanks for starfish.


Once you got it, be sure to put it in a special tank so you don't accidentally sell it with one tap, in bulk with other fish. ;)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

News: Tap Fish 2 is out!

From Tap Fish's facebook page:
"We have great news everyone! To continue playing Tap Fish with all the latest updates (including the mystery breeding lab) and the ability to purchase fish bucks, you can now download "Tap Fish 2" from the App Store. Once you install "Tap Fish 2" you will be asked if you wish to restore your previous game from "Tap Fish", "Tap Fish Exotic" or "Tap Fish+". Select your old game and continue playing using "Tap Fish 2"."

Tap Fish Beginner Tips & Tricks - without buying bucks


Tap Fish is a pretty straight forward game, but the extensive lists of various fish eggs, in completely random order that doesn't remotely make sense, can be overwhelming. The categories are sort of strange, too. But "starter fish" are indeed a good way to start.

A fast way to gain is to drop each egg in the tank and feed it right afterwards, one by one, because every time your fish are fed you get 1 coin and 1 xp. Every three hours you can hit the "love" button which will get you 25 coins and 2 xp. In addition, you can make the same amount but tapping on the tank and it will reward you just for coming back. And make sure to clean your tank every time it gets green to earn 5 coins and 1 xp.

Once they're grown up, you want to sell them. You can choose between selling them by the bulk via the "Sell" button and selling them individually by tapping on them and selecting "sell". If you sell all at once,  you will pay 15% commission for that convenience. So selling them individually will make you more coins.

If you manage to sell the fish when it's very happy, you can get up to a 20% bonus. For that it needs to be over 90% happy. So you want to make sure it has just been fed & loved. Plants and decorations will get happiness up as well. Get cheap ones in the beginning, you can add more beautiful ones soon once you made more coins. If you don't have enough money, you can move the plants in between tanks via inventory to increase fish happiness before selling. The cheapest one to raise happiness is the starfish (store > decorations > tank basics, 50 coins). You'll need a whole bunch to get happiness up. Don't worry if you don't get it up to 91% initially. 81% happiness will already give you a 10% bonus. (I'm adding the 1 because apparently if you only do 90%, tap fish might only give you a 10% bonus because it might think it's only at 89.9 because of hunger or other factors continually changing.)

My personal 2 cents are, the one by one feeding might be good in the very beginning, but it will most likely drive you nuts after a while. Except if you are REALLY trying to save up to something and are willing to put in the effort.

Pink Skunk Clown in my collector's tank. This tank doesn't have plants or decorations because I don't plan on selling from it.  So the Pink Skunk Clown is only 81% happy, showing a 10% bonus in the current selling price.

After starter fish, you want to graduate to gold fish pretty quickly. Those are hidden in the "Super Exotic Fish" group. They cost 14 coins and make 12 coins per 9 hours (sell for 26). Go try to fill up a couple of tanks with those. That's for money making, of course, you can always take it more leisurely and collect some fish you find pretty or cool. I had to have some sharks pretty early on...

After that, the White Grunt, also "super exotic", will get you the most profit. At first glance, it might look like others make more, but for quite a while you'll do best with the White Grunt because it is relatively inexpensive for what it makes. You can buy so many more of it for your money, that it's completely worth it. I costs 4,200 and earns 1,680 per day.

Oh, and if you want to decorate but can't afford much yet, you can get some wallpapers that cost 0 coins: Store > Backgrounds > Standard. Also there are some other ones for free: Some colors in Backgrounds > Colored and "Fish Life" in Backgrounds > Exotic. Once you buy a background you can use it as many times you like.

One more thing, if you're afraid your fish will die because you won't have access to them for a while, you can move them to inventory. They'll be fine there.

Happiness to you!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

List of breedable fish in tapfish that can be bought with coins (I update this list when new ones become available)


since I couldn't find this info on the web, I thought I'd share. I'm playing tapfish on an iPod touch and don't want to spend any money. So if you want to go splurge on fish bucks, this blog is obviously not for you.

The lists in "Trophies" can be very tedious to go through if you decide you want to breed but don't want to spend any bucks. There is no indication which fish are bought with coins. So here is the list, in alphabetical order, of which breedable fish you can actually buy and for how many coins (L stands for Limited breedable):

Altum Angel L
Banggai Cardinal L
Limited Time
Super Exotic
Super Exotic
Conspicilatus Angel L
Limited Time
Goat Fish
Super Exotic
Gold Fish
Super Exotic
Green Snapper
Leafy Sea Dragon
Longfin Banner
Long Finned Ramirezi L
Super Exotic
Narrow Lined Puffer L
Limited Time
Limited Time
Neon Tetra
Ornate Cowfish L
Super Exotic
Pink Skunk Clown
Limited Time
Powder Blue Tang
Red parrot L
Spotted Cardinal L
Super Exotic
Walrus L
White Grunt
Super Exotic

I haven't checked all the combinations of fish that can be bought with coins for the one will bring you the most coins. But I know of two combinations that are pretty high up there: Mummy & Boxfish will get you 73,018 in 3.5 days and Boxfish & White Grunt, generating 35,211 in 1.5 days.

As far as Mystery Lab goes, most of the coin-bought limited breedable ones are only breedable with one that is bought with fish bucks. The only combination I know of that works in the Mystery Lab is Banggai Cardinal & Spotted Cardinal (see post above).

Thanks for checking out my blog. Please comment and come back soon for more updates!