Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun Facts

Now, a Sparkling Starfish, Green, is available for coins. It's an Algae Eater and costs 5,000,000 coins.

If you want to make that kind of money with White Grunts, you need to sell a little over 35 tanks full of them and sell them individually (by tapping on it and selecting "sell"). If you sell by bulk, it will take 55,7 tanks. This is without buying additional tanks to the one you already have.

Here's the math, correct me if I'm wrong:

White Grunt costs 4200, sells for 5880, but with 91% happiness you get 20% more, which is 7,056. 
But you only get this selling price if you sell individually. 

One tank (50 fish) brings 7,056 x 50=352,800
Minus the initial buying price, one tank yields:  352,800 - 210,000 = 142,800
5,000,000 (cost of Starfish) divided by 142,800 = 35,01 tanks

Selling by bulk, minus 15 % commission: 5,997.6 x 50 = 299,880. Minus initial price, is 89,880. 55,63 tanks for starfish.


Once you got it, be sure to put it in a special tank so you don't accidentally sell it with one tap, in bulk with other fish. ;)


  1. Hi I just read your blog! I think it's great that you have a coin only help page. I wanted to add my two cents :D Once you get enough coins the Pink Skunk makes you a lot of coins, with little attention to them. They grow in 5 days.
    I have never spent anything playing this game, and have managed to collect almost all the breedables. I am only missing the ones they came out with after they disabled the free fish bucks.
    You're doing great work! My TF name is SanSans if you feel like adding me :D I need some help reviving fish!

  2. Hi, SansSans, sorry I just saw your post! Hope you got some other help in reviving your fish!
    Thanks for the tip with the Pink Skunk. I haven't played for money for a while. At my level, it still seems more profitable to buy more of the new Altum Angel, the Royal Gramma or the Borbonius Anthias. Hope I'll be where you are soon!

  3. Just a tip for easy 100% happiness without spending so much to decorate each tank. If you put all decos in inventory and put them in each tank right before you sell you still get bonus.

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  5. Without offense, but this game is an old one, you have to endure AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish.